About SafePath Software

SafePath Software is the product of a strategic alliance between CoreAdvantage and TriageTraining Group. CoreAdvantage supplies the SHMS (Safety and Health Management System) knowledge that Triage translates into software tools. Triage supplies SafePath clients with technical services while CoreAdvantage provides world-class S&H processes and expertise.

SafePath is the distillation of the safety performance expertise of CoreAdvantage’s consulting practice encapsulated in simple, affordable software tools. Originally developed as a set of internal tools, these utilities became commercially available to CoreAdvantage’s clients in 2004 so that the organizations could sustain their efforts after the conclusion of the consulting engagement. Due to demand, the utilities are now available to the general public.

The software powers a continuous performance improvement process defined by CoreAdvantage in which organizations progress through four levels of safety management capability from “Get Legal…Stay Legal” all the way through to VPP STAR status, “Get Certified…Stay Certified” or any other Best of Class safety performance model of your selection.

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