Safety Management Challenges, Solutions & Performance Outcomes
Challenge #1  osha vpp Safety management system deployment and certification

Deploy a comprehensive SMS. Build a strong safety Culture. Attain OSHA VPP Star while overcoming obstacles:

Solution Description

A four-step certification process executed site-wide across all stakeholder groups.

  1. Initial Benchmarking
  2. SMS Implementation
  3. Leadership Development through KPI’s
  4. Reoccuring Task Identification and Management
  5. Re-benchmarking & VPP Certification
Performance Outcome

OSHA VPP STAR certification in 18 months instead of the three years estimated by site management.

Tools Used
  1. SafePath  Gap Analysis Tool (VPP Version)  – was used by the site leadership team consisting of management, union and EHS staff for conducting the initial gap analysis & final benchmarking
  2. SafePath Action Planing – was used by the site safety team and safety committee to develop a roadmap to certification.  Yearly plans were created that planned and tracked required compliance activities in addition to the safety management systems and culture improvements.
  3. SafePath Safety Managemen Portal (VPP Master Control Plan Version) – was used by the site leadership team to map current site processes and to create missing processes. Once published, the Master Control Plan provided a centralized web portal to all safety & VPP policies and procedures for all site employees to access procedures, policies, dashboards, meeting minutes and tracking systems.
  4. Virtual Assistant -  was used to identify reoccurring yearly, quarterly and monthly safety tasks for  both compliance and system activities.  Reminders and update requests were automated, thus systemetizing daily safety management.
  5. Key Performance Indicators – both leading and trailing dashboards were used by the site manager to hold the site accountable and to align his management team on the key attributes for success. Publishing the dashboards allowed all site employees to see the leadership example that management was providing.