Safety Management Challenges, Solutions & Performance Outcomes
Challenge #2  safety leadership alignment and VPP re-certification
Build leadership, stakeholder alignment and foster accountability to enable VPP re-certification.
Solution Description
We carefully selected and implemented performance-focused interventions to expedite culture change and leadership development by using meaningful metrics. Initial measurement snapshot helped managers identify and prioritize issues. Managing to the strategically defined KPI’s brought alignment and consistency and credibility to the organization. Periodic re-benchmarking showed progressive performance improvement.
Performance Outcome

OSHA STAR VPP re-certification was attained ahead of schedule (completed in 6 months); line manager accountability for safety outcomes was developed; significant shift in safety culture across all stakeholders occurred..

Tools Used
  1. Gap Analyisis Tool ( VPP Version) – used for initial gap analysis & ongoing evaluation benchmarking
  2. Key Performance Indicators – used to manage leadership activities to established indicator levels and display key leadership KPI’s for entire site to see
  3. Action Planning Tool – was used to develop a roadmap to re-certification.  A plan was created that planned and tracked the required safety management systems and culture improvements.