Gap Analysis
How can you determine your “as is” status so that you can drive safety improvements and performance?

By benchmarking your safety management practices against World Class Models.

The catch?

Unless you have a list of benchmarks that are mapped to a specific recognized reference model, you may only reveal what can be measured...not what should be measured.

SafePath offers 3 different benchmark sets, OSHA VPP, ANSI Z10, & our own SafePath I2P2. Each tool version has over 180 benchmarks tied to the specific reference model that you choose.

Rate yourself on Quality, Progress and Capability. Guide critical improvement initiatives, annual program reviews or certification/re-certification activities.

Simply and powerfully show your capability or certification-readiness to stakeholders across your organization

How do I know which Gap Analysis Tool is best for me?
SafePath Benchmark Products
SafePath I2P2